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Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered here. If that does not solve your curiosity bug, be sure to contact us!


Will my big smartphone (like the iPhone XS Max) fit?

The bigger pocket has been specifically designed to fit the latest big 5.5” smartphones like the iPhone XS MAx or Samsung Galaxy Note. An iPad or Tablet will however be too big.

Watch this video that demonstrates how to fit the iPhone XS Max into the belt.

Is the WhizzBoss Running Belt Waterproof?
The pockets are made from Leica Cloth Composite Waterproof material and high-quality waterproof zippers. They are rated IPX6 which means they will withstand strong sprays of water from any angle, but when submerged completely in water it will allow water to enter the pockets. We recommend that you keep your electronic devices in a separate seal-able waterproof plastic bag and then place it in your WhizzBoss Running Belt. When running everyday and there heavy rain weather is expected, you can be assured that your equipment will be safe and secure within the WhizzBoss pockets. Please note that should headphones be used the waterproof quality of the belt could be compromised and care should be taken
Can the belt be worn at night?
The WhizzBoss Running Belt has grey reflective material and bright green colors for maximum visibility at night. Caution still has to be taken while running or exercising at night, but the belt is a great accessory to help increase visibility and safety at night.y of the belt could be compromised and care should be taken
Can the belt be used while travelling?
The WhizzBoss Running Belt is a perfect travel accessory. It can be used to keep Passports, Identity Documents, Visas and other travelling documentation safe and secure on your person. It can easily be concealed under your clothes for extra safety.

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